Clean. Refined. Free Ninety Nine.

Starkness is a brand new Tumblr theme that’s sophisticated and functional. Features include built-in Disqus comments, Typekit integration for the discerning typographer, and a photo layout that frees your high-resolution imagery from Tumblr’s 500 pixel leash. Bask in the glory!

Oh yeah, and the Starkness Tumblr theme is absolutely free!

In fact, you can install Starkness right now! Go ahead, climb on in. While you’re enjoying that fresh theme smell, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the features.

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Woodshed Films presents Come Hell or High Water, an ode to body surfing by Keith Malloy.

The film explores the history and progression of the sport of bodysurfing and the pureness that comes from riding a wave. Shot primary in 16mm, the film takes a unique look at the culture, beauty and simplicity of the sport, capturing the stories and locations of those who belong to this community.

Come Hell or High Water will be available as a special edition DVD and digital download available from with an estimated release date of October 25, 2011.